The Fades’ search for a way to cope with personal struggle leads us to their latest single Looking For Keanu. Facing a recent breakup, vocalist Dave Lightfoot finds a short respite in his woes after learning that celebrity Keanu Reeves might be shooting a film nearby. He then imagines passing by the John Wick superstar, going out to have drinks with him and gaining a new friend (and who wouldn’t? It’s Keanu!). The tone is partly tongue-in-cheek but most of it is serious and sincere, making it perfectly relatable. Conjuring escapist fantasies is something we all do when times are rough, and The Fades captured that sentiment perfectly and crystallized it into art. 

The song musically transports the listener to the 90’s, with walls of guitar riffs and an awesome power-pop melody. The narrator’s issues are laid out upfront in such a straightforward way that you can’t help but sympathize. The line: “I just don’t know what I should do / So I’m looking for Keanu”, feels like a desperate cry from a voice that we’ve all spoken through in the past. 

By being honest and vulnerable, The Fades managed to capture a slice of the human experience, then expertly wrapped it in a beloved flavor of rock. Looking For Keanu might not be the answer to your problems, but the song is an awesome cathartic companion.

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