Indie rock outfit The Exact Opposite released their debut single You Work For Us—the initial spark from their upcoming album Skill Issue. This is the first offering from the newly formed project of Jamie Stuart (singer/guitarist) and Nigel Powell (drummer/multi-instrumentalist). The two are indie veterans in their own right, having worked together in the band Dive Dive and separately on acts such as Dustball, Unbelievable Truth and Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls. 

You Work For Us is the result of them hanging out together in between their other projects. Narratively it’s about the struggle of being an artist, navigating both their audiences and their creative visions, as well as balancing that with earning a livelihood. Some bands would have placed a lot of weight on this experience but these guys are doing The Exact Opposite approach. Instead, they have a relaxed, matter-of-fact demeanor about it, confident that this is the life that they choose and they would do it happily anyway for the love of the craft. This chill nature can be felt through the jangly riffs and the shifting rhythms that are light on their feet, ready to face the challenges that come along while having fun with the process. The Exact Opposite distills years of hard work and great chemistry on their latest single You Work For Us. Making things look easy while sounding so good is no easy feat, and this insight into their journey as artists is an added bonus.

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