Trigger to my head initiates a journey into the spinning turmoil of the mind, constantly under threat of elimination by someone; however, we realize it too late that the trigger is in our hands.

The Dream Spiral has proven its mastery in creating an impressionist dream with its music that touches the vertex of rock music while paying respect to the disco genre. The song starts off with a vibrating feeling of being in a hallucinogenic nightmare, but soon, it transcends to another level of gothic. The lyrics delve into the depths of hopelessness, offering a vivid portrayal of its grip. Reflecting on the challenges of our generation, the song builds to a desperate climax with the line, “I am waiting for death with this trigger to my head.” The lyrics and the vocals aesthetically contribute to the “macabresque environment” that the artists were trying to create. In fact, the use of autotune sounds perfectly normal with the hype that is being created. 

Trigger to my head definitely has a strong influence from the works of Clint Mansell – especially from his work on “Requiem for a Dream”. Nevertheless, the song still stands firm on its ground, making it not only pleasing to the ears but threatening to the mind – at least in a good manner.

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