The Dream Spiral are a 5-piece indie rock outfit composed of music veterans from Brisbane Australia. They’ve released the latest single “Redemption” from their upcoming self-titled debut album. The song feels insidious and seductive, with gritty industrial riffs and thick throbbing bass. The lyrics talk about desire and sin, and how religious beliefs are trying to get a grip against its subjects, guilting them whenever they feel pleasure. This particular song’s style is influenced by Depeche mode, particularly during their ‘Songs of Faith and Devotion’ era. The Dream Spiral has captured the darkness and allure of that period and injected it into the soul of this headlining masterpiece, kicking them into high gear.

Redemption places its listeners in a smoky enclosure with its use of reverb and hollow synths. The metallic textures from its riffs and basslines suggest the presence of sharp instruments at the ready nearby. The vocals have a certain edge to it, elevating the feeling of passion and seduction. The Dream Spiral also carefully places subtle electronic hints here and there, blending their own unique concoction of rock. The song was also released alongside its music video, which was filmed by Claire Marshall and features the incredible dancing skills of Lucy Hood, who brought all aspects of the song alive in a wonderful array of emotions, dance and visuals. The Dream Spiral may still be starting out, but they will surely leave a mark in this industry.

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