The Breakdown puts a mirror on our social media habits in their latest single Modern Lies. This up and coming British five-piece has been making waves in the London Music scene lately, and it’s time for them to get in your rader. The Breakdown specializes in melodic rock with modern sensibilities. 

This single tackles our addiction with social media and how it affects our relationships and mental health. These apps have convinced us we’re inadequate, then conditioned us to chase clicks and create fabrications to get a sweet hit of that dopamine. What once was limited to fashion magazines has now seeped into everyone’s hands. With our modern devices using attention as currency, they have encouraged us to invent lies as a coping mechanism. As a result, we’re inundated by a sea of modern lies. 

Musically, Modern Lies is a catchy tune with wonderful harmonies and an all-encompassing atmosphere. The vocals are sympathetic, offering a wake up call for listeners to realize the trap that they’re in. Glistening synths roam across the mix, mimicking the artificial exterior that everyone is encouraged to represent themselves in social media.

The Breakdown have crafted an extremely poignant piece that sheds light on one of the most worrying issues of the modern era. This level of thoughtfulness is what we need from our artists, and thankfully The Breakdown is here to help light the way.

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