With a strong grip on melodic alt-rock and an electrifyingly raw energy, The Breakdown could easily be our new British rock obsession. Their latest single, Gaston checks all the boxes for a great song that could jolt your life into high gear. Narratively, it’s about getting a grip on your destiny by standing up for yourself and rolling through the punches that life puts in your way. With catchy melodies, a primal raw sound, and riffs that sound like an engine revving up for the fast lane, ‘Gaston’ is here to shake up your whole world and introduce you to what The Breakdown are capable of. 

The Breakdown has been gaining a strong following after releasing two full length albums since their debut in 2021. Their sound is a fusion of the iconic British greats, with a strong focus on melodic songwriting that favors loud and intense emotions that only this well-loved genre can provide. What sets them apart is their lack of pretense. Each song delivers its message straight to the core while having its own distinct style.

Gaston might just be the song that provides you with much needed push to face your day’s challenges. The Breakdown are here to stay, and we can’t wait for what’s next in store.

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