If you’ve stuck around the world for a long enough time, you’ll know that some of the craziest, deepest emotions can come from the most unexpected things, whether they’re physically there or even if they’re not a part of reality. It could be from some interpersonal relationships, music, or as Milan-born band The Backlash have pointed out: zombies. Their newest single, “As Real…” thematically takes us through these emotion-inducing factors with its harmonically rich, vintage psychedelic soundscape.

With some fuzzy beats and riffs, the song truly plays into its psychedelic nature, with its guitar seemingly sounding like it’s being played from a bit of a distance from the other instruments while still being prominently heard. Sustained notes add a sense of mystery to the track, emphasising the journey into our own dreams and psyche. The vintage characteristic of the song is owed to the overall rawness of the sound, but make no mistake, “As Real…” is as meticulously polished as a song can get. The vocals have a certain subtle grunge to it that pairs well with the deep lyrics and instrumental, really showing and pushing through with the track’s thematic influences. To add to all that, the harmonies contribute a ton of character to the song that elevates its soundscape even further.

Whether your emotions come from things with a physical existence or not, this single from The Backlash definitely deserves to be in your reality. Stream “As Real…” on all streaming platforms now.

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