The Anti-Groupies have released their latest single “Read the Room”. The all-female punk band has been sending waves through the South Bay region of Southern California, sharing the stage with bands such as Speed of Light and Tomorrow’s Anthem. “Read the Room” isn’t your run of the mill ditty. Members Kyla (Drums), Sydney (Bass), Cassidy (Guitar/Vocals) and Bella (Guitar) take from a wide range of influences such as Rush, Black Sabbath, and Paramore, among others to define their own style. 

The single is about telling someone who seems to lack self-awareness to get a clue and know their place. The combination of confidence, swagger and the balance between volume and catchiness is the hallmark of the single. On top of that, it has an awesome guitar single that’s sure to get you and your uncles to get that stank face on. 

“Read the Room” is a good starting point to discover the band’s discography. But it does not by any means inform the entirety of what the band has to offer. Their previous single “Social Battery” is reminiscent of hard rock, with the sounds and textures of speed metal. Think Motorhead but way younger. Catch Anti-Groupies on your favorite streaming platforms. If you’re around the area, 2024 will be a busy touring year for them, so don’t miss out!

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