Hard-rock Wisconsin-based band The Almas have just released the sequel to their self-titled EP, named “The Almas II”. Having performed with some of our favorite rock bands live since their formation in 2016, such as the likes of Slipknot and Falling In Reverse just to name a couple, the four-piece band have definitely evolved and honed their craft throughout their musical journey, cementing their place as rising stars in the indie rock scene.

With a modern twist to the rock genre that we’re normally used to, The Almas keep true to their rock-and-roll roots, with this latest EP being a welcoming gateway into their discography and the genre in general. The band’s can-do and helpful attitude between all of its members created an enjoyable experience when making the EP, being well-displayed through the rock symphonies that are consistent in its amazing track list. Addictive guitar licks, bopping beats, and the addition of other electronic elements are prominent in the band’s distinct high-octane, energetic sound. Even people who aren’t that into rock are sure to get a kick out of this latest EP, and all of its tracks are certified headbangers, like their mid-May release, “Lifeline”. It’s simply addictive.

Without anything holding them back, their newest project is a showcase of the band’s pure talent, mastery, and a realization of their vision. “The Almas II” is available now on all streaming platforms, and believe us, you’re gonna want to listen to the entire thing.

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