The COVID pandemic hit everyone real hard. At first, we were so hung up on being stagnant and being forced to stay home; and now, we’ve gotten so used to it that it might make us a bit apprehensive to move forward. These themes are explored with Toronto-based band Ten Minute Detour’s latest single, “Over Under”. Through their grainy, analog-tinted soundscape, the band captures their own journey of change and discovery from the past few years.

With cascading riffs and pulsating beats, the track possesses a warm tone that was achieved from the band working with Marcus Paquin and João Carvalho, whose production, mixing, and mastering allowed the polished sound of the song.  Recording at MixArt Studio also helped attain the analog nature of the finished product. The vocals are smooth and dreamy, delivering the message of the lyrics masterfully with perfect clarity. The subtle harmonies are amazing, and really add a certain charm to the track. Emotions are conveyed well not just through the poetic lyrics and the singing, but the instrumental itself is almost like a character in and of itself, reminding us of the emotional rollercoaster that the pandemic brought.

Created with passion and capturing the live energy of the band, this new single by Ten Minute Detour is a must-have on your playlist. You can stream “Over Under” on all streaming platforms now.

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