Which song do you think of when you think of positivity and internal growth? If you can’t think of any, then listen to “Sunshine Callin’” by Tara Van. There is a melodious peace in every word that the singer utters, yet it also welcomes you to an epic odyssey.

The song naturally possesses an intellectual and spiritual vibe that draws us into the singer’s journey from the very first beat. It takes charge of the minds of the listeners and unfolds with grace. Tara Van makes sure that her voice reflects the correct emotion from the highs to the lows, making her voice not only emotionally poignant but astonishingly poetic. The consistent beat of the song fits perfectly with the rhythm. The song seems to invite the listener on a journey of redemption, recovering from a love that was lost before it could fulfill its potential. The strength of the song is in creating sunshine not just by saying it but also by making us feel like we are standing in the middle of sun-kissed rays of morning, finding a new purpose in life.

Tara Van’s latest single, “Sunshine’s Callin’,” is a vibrant celebration of finding clarity and solace in the great outdoors. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter, known for her genre-blending style that mixes soul, folk, pop, and jazz, dives deep into themes of self-discovery and neurodivergence. Following her diagnosis of ADHD last year, Tara channels her newfound self-confidence into this song, encouraging listeners to embrace the healing power of nature and unexpected moments of insight. Tara’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies echo her journey towards authenticity and resilience. This song is not just an auditory experience but a call to reconnect with the simplicity of life’s joys and revelations.

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