Talk Show is one of the more notable bands in London’s thriving live punk scene. Their first EP entitled These People is a testament to that, filled to the brim with blistering energy, strikingly sharp guitar lines over lyrics inspired by everyday living.

The band dips into numerous influences that leverage the strength of each member. Frontman and guitarist Harrison Swann’s versatile vocals helps them dip into 80’s dark wave while delivering on thought provoking post-punk, Tom Holm’s creative use of textures and embodies the thrill and vigor of guitar music while the Chloe Macgregor and George Sullivan even out the pounding rhythms without fading into the background. This record was specifically intended to sound raw and energetic, opting to keep the pace lively and spry to capture the feeling of being in a live show. And I must say the effort paid off immensely. 

Opener “Stress” sounds like a siren filling your head  with overbearing thoughts and emotions–a recollection of things that drive you to the edge. The band perfectly captures the feeling of falling into an emotional breakdown. It’s provocative, sharp, insidious and a total head banger.   

“Atomica” is a downward spiral that wants to drag you into the bottom of a well. The guitars are dissonant and unrelenting. The clever use of repetition and the tight bass groove makes this perfect for a sweaty night at a rave.

“Banshee” crawls and slithers with a slow burn. Swann’s baritone is shrouded in a dark atmosphere that’s reminiscent of 80’s goth rock. The lyrics suggest a stalker or a ghost watching and haunting your every move. A twisted tale of love and obsession told with stellar guitar riffs and raw vocals.

The EP ends with “Petrolhead”, a pulse-shredding mix of industrial rock and post punk. The band doesn’t pull any punches in this cut, meshing together razor-sharp guitar lines, vitriolic vocals and a backdrop of unnerving rhythms that’s intent to close the walls around you. Suffocating in its dissonance yet cathartic in its release.

It’s nice to see the diversity and richness within the punk scene right now. Talk Show has already been turning heads before this release, and with this offering will surely attract more.