Sugar Scars has an interesting story. The project is a collaboration between two DJ’s that live in two bordering countries, particularly the bordering towns of El Paso, Texas and Juarez Mexico. The intention was to bring together two clashing ideas to create something interesting. The result was not what they expected. 

Haight”, the first single from their upcoming album “Rhythmic Body Reactions” is quite a harmonic marriage of ideas, actually. Although the two intended to bring forth distinct cultural ideas from their bordering towns, what they came up with was a triumphant mix of Indie Rock, Psych Rock, and Experimental Dance Music. With these two poles pulling at each other’s gravity and the spurring of their talented minds, they accomplished something that far exceeds expectations. Truly a serendipitous moment that should be celebrated. 

“Haight” starts with a lovely synth under an edgy guitar riff. It is then followed by muffled dreamy vocals coaxed under psychedelic effects. Sugar Scars describes it as an ideal situation on the dancefloor when you encounter someone you find spectacular, thus resulting in a moment of bliss. This chance encounter also reflects the duo’s journey into finding themselves and discovering the wonder of creating music together. 

Sugar Scars delivers a powerful statement with Haight, a taste of what is hopefully a start of a fruitful collaboration that continues to surprise and inspire.

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