Suburban Bicycle Gang strips down to the fundamentals in their latest single “Change”. Change is a bluesy-folk tune, quite the departure from their previous release ‘The Council of Rats’, which was more in line with 60’s garage rock and filled with a dark, sinister atmosphere. This only showcases the wide depth that the duo is capable of and are keen to explore through their sound. 

‘Change’ takes its time to develop its themes and is paced elegantly. It features great riffs on a consistently held pulse, illustrating the long journey and the transformation that the narrator is going through. This song reminds you of the vast western countryside and the challenges that one may face in their adventures. It’s the same change that Suburban Bicycle Gang constantly goes through in order to tell engaging stories that aren’t just catchy but also thought-provoking.

Sifting through Suburban Bicycle Gang’s discography is like going through a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get with the many surprises they have in store. Each new release has a meaningful depth and with its own message, and how they present them is clearly well thought out. ‘Change’ is at the forefront of that, and is something that can stand tall amongst the greats of folk rock n’ roll. 

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