LA’s Strawflower represents Southern California like no other. The romance, allure, mystique and darkness of LA’s landscape and its denizens is something they are able to convey through their music with great ease. 

Their latest single Tiki Bar sounds bright at first, but soon reveals a sadder interior as it recounts the tragic story that could easily be from a soap opera. Our narrator catches up with an old lover only to find out that they’ve changed so much and things can’t possibly work out anymore. She still wants to reconnect despite the fact that she’s expecting, while he sees that she’s still the same.

Strawflower is able to weave their style of psychedelic surf-pop in every which way, giving the listener misdirections in mood like a magician putting on their best show. The harmonies are sunny and bright, reminiscent of the hippie era where wide floral designs were prevalent and people danced like they were in a lava lamp. During the first listen, the bright exterior lulled me into a sense of calm and enjoyment, but as I delved deeper into the lyrics, the story revealed itself and gave extra dimensions to the song. It’s those experiences that you always cherish as a music lover. 

Strawflower is a force in indie rock and one of LA’s greatest storytellers. Don’t miss out on them!

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