Strawflower has had a number of strong releases this year but this perhaps takes the cake as our favorite so far. Their latest single Burned Blue has a certain weight to it–even more than the already great output from this Socal indie phenom. The song paints an array of emotions in a way that’s almost like a sophisticated curry or a well-made pad thai. There’s a lot of flavors added in but you get to experience all of them with none of the tastes overpowering the others. Burned Blue is similar in a way that these emotions are balanced so delicately, the regret, nostalgia, sadness, longing, melancholy mixes so well with the hopeful, wistful, loving and appreciative. It’s a potent combination that comes in waves and gets washed out, much like the main narrator of the song who is caught wavering between giving up on their love or letting them go. I’m having second hand emotions for this person whom I don’t even know, and that’s something rare and to be cherished in whatever artwork you enjoy. The lush guitar harmonies that harken back to surf rock of 60’s and 70’s adds an innocent tone that enhances the sincerity of the tune. Burned Blue is a masterpiece in transmitting emotion through music, and that’s why Strawflower should be a mandatory addition to your indie rock playlist.

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