Strange Souvenirs releases a fantastical western ballad in their latest single DMH. DMH stands for Dead Man’s Hill, the place where the narrator must go in order to kill someone whom they don’t know yet. Members Thomas Juhnke and Matthias Juhnke envisioned this song as something found from an old disc drive. It starts off slow, with a walking acoustic guitar as the protagonist wanders the nearby saloon, detecting the ire of the locals. The build-up escalates with every repeat of the verse, increasing in intensity the bass enters, followed by the keys and electronic signals. By the end the song climaxes into a shoot out as the brass enters the scene for full cinematic effect.

Browsing through the discography of Strange Souvenirs, you’ll encounter a huge array of weird concepts like this and they don’t necessarily line up neatly. Conceptually, the project is about discovering audio anomalies across the various dimensions, which gives each song a widely different direction. Honestly this is one of the freshest ideas I’ve ever encountered from the many reviews we’ve done, and it’s a welcome breath of fresh air. 

DMH is a stellar addition to the Strange Souvenirs anthology, an anthology that we recommend you experience as a whole. Expect the strange and the wonderful.

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