STELL cements his feet in the indie music scene with his debut single, “Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed”. His distinct sonic soundscape that shines through in this song is a testament to the rising artist’s mastery, and we won’t even be a bit surprised if his popularity booms with this one, as it should. His witty songwriting along with amazing guitar riffs are prominent in the song, with STELL’s vocals not to be understated.

Despite being a song about those lethargic moments where you lay in your bed feeling idle and lazy, this song is surely enough to wake you up with a jolt of addictive lightning through its notes that is much, much stronger than five shots of espresso. The beats are consistent, letting the guitar riffs speak on its behalf with power and an infectious groove. STELL’s vocals are crisp, clear and vibrant during the song’s verses before unleashing into a fuzzy chorus that just works perfectly. The lyrics are oh-so relatable, and really capture the essence of what we feel when we’re just not in the mood to get up from our slumber and wish that we could live like that for just a bit longer. It could be a worry about things going wrong, or maybe a fear of your love life that isn’t exactly going too well.

This up-and-coming artist’s future releases are definitely something to look forward to, but while we’re waiting, why not enjoy his addictive debut single? “Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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