Catch our newest recommendations in our our updated playlist featuring all of our latest favorites!

Shakin’ is a song about a visit to a Garage Rock festival by Mr Beach and Mr Pineapple during which they go so drunk that they both forgot so much of the evening that they were not even sure if they had seen most of the bands.

The Pineapple Beach Experience Socials: Spotify

A wonderful tune that encapsulates everything we love about DIY culture. 

& a dozen roses Socials: InstagramSpotify 

Amazing energy and an old school punk vibe make this a must listen instant punk classic.

Talley Tunes Socials: BandcampInstagramYoutube 

A cinematic journey expertly crafted through music. The moods of the songs range from upbeat jazz to atmospheric pianoscapes to the eerie and jarring. Don’t miss!

Why England Slept Socials: Spotify 

An indie punk jam about facing and fighting the fear of being yourself in a world where you don’t feel so much like ourselves. Slightly pop punk and good at it! Love this one!

Ury Summer Socials: InstagramYoutube

The opening track, “Vermin (Con Man Devoured)” is a fusion of acoustic and electric elements and a vibrant horn section, this track immediately captures listeners’ attention with its dynamic sound. We were instantly captivated and immediately added to our playlist.

Jeremy Serwer Socials: BandcampInstagram

‘Party Girl’ marks a poignant beginning to Aquafox’s musical narrative, promising a compelling exploration of resilience and growth. A fantastic tune that stays stuck in your head for days!

Aquafox Socials: BandcampInstagramFacebook

“Fate” from Jacob’s is a nostalgic and sentimental reflection on the complexities of relationships and the inevitability of their outcomes. We were struck by the hear-felt vocals and dancy beats. Check this one out!

Jacob’s Socials: Instagram

This is pure mastery of dream pop vibes. Glitter Etiquette says, “‘25’ is a sonic exploration of the emotions and challenges we face as we navigate the passage of time.” Great track ❤️

Glitter Etiquette Socials: BandcampInstagramFacebook

Green Mountain’s “Forgotten Memory” is a testament to the band’s reconnection amidst the serene backdrop of nature.

Green Mountain Socials: Instagram

‘Clock With No hands’ is a sunny and upbeat piano and horns-driven track written by lead singer Thomas Charlie Pedersen as a love letter to his wife which he married in 2020.

Vinyl Floor Socials: InstagramFacebookTwitter

‘Slot Machine’, is fast and fun; it features headbanging guitar riffs, solid composition, and enough unique saxophone melodies to keep you from getting bored.

Atom & The Breaknecks Socials: Instagram

“Kefas’ Khal” is Ziggy Splynt’s 2nd single. Being one of the band’s loudest, most energetic tracks, the band felt it was the perfectsong to transform into the new Ziggy sound and we are here for it! ⭐️

Ziggy Splynt Socials: InstagramFacebookYoutube

This feels like pure garage rock and it’s the pureness that makes us love it so much. It never stops moving and never gets old!

Why Nuts Socials: Spotify