Nothing beats the euphoria of going through “firsts” in your life, and Brooklyn-based band Social Creatures describes this well through their newest and fourth single sharing the same name as their upcoming EP, “The Ravine”.  The track is a fusion of 80’s-inspired dance rock and alternative rock, and their strategy of workshopping songs with live audiences on the road has made their music better than ever before. “The Ravine” draws on the place vocalist Jono Robertson’s had many of his ”firsts,” and how his musical journey helped him find his way back to it spiritually.

Starting off strong with catchy keys and energetic beats, the track’s verses are synthy, and almost dreamlike. These groovy parts cosmically set the stage for what’s to come, with nostalgic lyrical anecdotes juxtaposed with the 80’s dance rock vibe. Its first verse slowly builds up to the satisfying rock-inspired, guitar-heavy first chorus with background vocal harmonies that simply bless your ears. The verse coming next to this brings us back to its synth-sparked beats, with little pops of oohs and aahs that tickle your eardrums in the right places. It’s the perfect buildup for the second and last chorus, which trades its previous harmonies with intensified vocals by Robertson, and drives it home with one last transition to its groovy, ethereal synth and background adlibs with its outro.

This newest track by the Social Creatures is sure to pique your interest for the band and “fill you up like a hole in the ground.” Stream “The Ravine” now on all streaming platforms.

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