Touch The Sun is the latest single by melodic rock trio Snap Infraction. The band’s mission is simple: to distill decades of rock n’ roll history to craft “a familiar yet distinctive sound”. In Touch The Sun we see them take heavy influence from the Beatles during their post-psychedelic era while keeping the distinctive bright colors of the late 60’s and 70’s upfront. Bright acoustic riffs and great vocal layering makes the band stand out from their peers and helps them not sound derivative. The feeling of genuine care and affection seeps through the speakers through the band’s warm harmonies and unpredictable melody–fitting considering that the song is lyrically about helping someone who’s going through a rough time.

I especially love how easy the song is to listen to despite the complex melodies interweaving within. The line: “Watching the shadows crawl their way across the floor, all that you want is waiting just beyond the door” is especially poignant for those who are afraid to take the next step in reaching the light. Snap Infraction not only continues the tradition of the best classic rock songs, they are also skilled enough to carry the torch forward and innovate with the times.

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