SIR-VERE is back at it again with a dystopian dance-punk romp in their latest single Peer Pressure. This one taken is off their forthcoming album Lovescope, and released with two accompanying remixes from the award-winning Vodzilla and S-VAS. Weeks before, we examined another single from the same album called Legion and it’s exciting to see the parallels between the two. It shares similar themes with Peer Pressure in how Sir-Vere tackles the state of forced-conformity in all facets of life nowadays, whether it be how we make art or how we work or spend. There seems to be a constant pressure for us to perform at our fullest as if we’re a legion of mindless drones. 

Sir-Vere presents the antithesis to that idea in the meta-narrative by gracing us with their own concoction of punk, alt-rock, funk and dance music with a very refreshing take. Peer Pressure and its remixes are made from ideas that are way out of the mainstream yet the band and their collaborators pull it off flawlessly because they believe in that vision. As they put it: “This is a work of ART. zero rules, punk abandonment, electronic mayhem, prodding disestablishment, warnings of darkness, individuality.”

With Peer Pressure, Sir-Vere proves that they are in a league of their own, carving their own sonic paths confidently with flawless execution.  Check out its remixes and the rest of Lovescope on your streaming platforms.

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