Legion, the latest single by SIR-VERE out of their latest album Lovescope, is a reminder that the real power is in the hands of the people, and not in the governments and its institutions–who often forget who they’re truly working for.

Sonically, it is a seamless melding of post-punk and electronica, which the band has a masterful grip on. SIR-VERE treats their genres like a playground, enabling them to blend together the various elements of rock and electronic music into a potent brew. In Legion, they have managed to make a song that is equally as headbang-worthy as it is to pull you into a rhythmic hip-swaying.

You may also want to check out this song’s music video, which features the Roman Legion marching while trippy patterns weave around them in the foreground. A robotic automaton leers at them from on high and dark clouds loom across the landscape, but the army seems poised for what’s to come. Even when the message is bleak, the chorus gives us a glimpse of hope that we can prevail through our shared burden by rallying our voices together.

Check out Legion and the entirety of its album Lovescope from SIR-VERE if you want to see how good genre-melding gets done. This single also has several alternate mixes made by Dan Kanopka and S-VAS, among others.

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