Pariah – the latest single from SickRichard is guaranteed to sneak up on you. The London-based rock trio draws their sound from a lot of influences, and in this particular song they show how well they can use that diverse sonic pallet to tell a story.

The song goes slow at first, grimy and foreboding with a cool bluesy hue, but then the noise accelerates rapidly before going back home again. The song describes the journey of its narrator, who’s been cast out into the sea while wanting to come back to their lover. Antagonistic forces are looming behind our protagonist’s back, turning them into the Pariah, and now they’ll have to navigate alone through the dark (with a possible broken heart to boot). Its themes are heavy and powerful, supported by giant riffs. The slow parts give space for the loud breakdowns, giving it a very compelling contrast. I also love how they manage to blend in electronic synths and harmonies in small but very impactful doses, giving the song an extra kick and spice.

SickRichard is definitely a group you should look out for. Catch them while they’re hot and on the up-and-up. Pariah is the latest single in their upcoming EP, with Ruination coming before it, another brilliant song you should check out.

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