Shady Oaks have been associated with processing angst and anger into music before, especially with their debut album “MAD”.  Their newly released single, “Hate Me” is inspired by lead guitarist and vocalist Ty Gallaway’s experience with divorce and losing a group of friends, fusing a bit of rage with a new sense of thankfulness. It’s a goodbye to his old life, and a hello to much more welcoming, better pastures.

The song is intense, with strong beats, stronger riffs, and a powerful vocal performance by Gallaway. It truly captures the anger that a person can feel going through tough times in their life, and how simply letting it go and being unbothered by it can eventually lead you to something even better. The chorus even has a tinge of sarcasm mixed into it, telling the people that have wronged you that even if they hated you, you couldn’t care less. All the things you’ve wasted on them don’t even matter anymore; that they don’t matter anymore. It’s a giant middle finger to the old life, the people that a person has left behind.

“Hate Me” ups the ante even more during its halftime interlude with a prominent violin solo by none other than the band’s Sarah Hubbard that is simply exquisite: a flavor of grace that breaks up but complements the intensity of the song. The track really is Shady Oaks in their element, and we’re all here for it.

Tough times in life are normal, but always remember that it’s going to get better, and that “the grass is greener on the other side.” Stream “Hate Me” now on Spotify.

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