“Run Away” is the latest single from Westchester County-based singer-songwriter Sean Lippin, captivating us with its moving lyrics, vibrant instrumental, and warm, smooth vocals. It encourages us to escape from the pressure and mundaneness of modern society, finding the serendipity that we all need to have from a certain freedom. Produced by Matt Graff at The Koop Studio, he and the artist have managed to make a soundscape that blends elements of different genres.

The indie rock, folk rock, and pop rock influences are evident in the track’s instrumental. It’s vibrant but manages to be groovy at the same time. All of its elements complement each other perfectly, being in complete synchronicity. This is supplemented further by Lippins’ smooth, clear vocals that add clarity and highlight the song’s lyrics. The track’s emotive storytelling provides much needed encouragement to the listener to leave all that pressure for now, even for just a bit, and to find a way to escape. The song is about breaking free from the norms of society, going to a place spiritually and physically where one simply must care about being carefree. The lyrics draw from the artist’s own experience growing up, with all those expectations and pressure set upon him, and we just have to say that he manages to show this splendidly.

So, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, then remember that you can always “Run Away”. You can listen to it now on all streaming platforms.

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