A Thousand Guesses is the debut single of Sean Finn and the Late Bloomers. The group has been making waves in London’s live scene with their quirky stage antics and vibrant soundscapes. A Thousand Guesses is a nostalgic love song, reminiscent of the 60’s standards while having an endearing indie rock flair. It tells the tale of two lovers entwined with conflicting feelings about where to take their relationship. One is sure of their love but the other isn’t quite there yet. Finn captures the voice of an old soul and reminds us of a classier era, using poetic verse and his crooning voice to convey tenderness and innocence. The song is marked by a restless rhythm, illustrating the urgency between the lovers who can’t seem to find common ground. The vocals have a strong command to them drawing the listeners to focus while the guitar strings provide a playfulness that dances around the other elements. In the end, the song resolves to a wonderful surf-y guitar solo, with the final chorus tying the whole song in a sweet bow. Sean Finn and the Late Bloomers are bridging the old school to a new crowd with this charming debut. With international dates on the horizon and the whole project rolling out in the summer, join us as we keep our eyes peeled for these wonderful newcomers.

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