“Bedwetters” by Seafarers delivers a song that resonates on multiple levels. It’s a hopeful exploration of love and self-discovery, wrapped in a sound that nods to the past while firmly rooting itself in the present. The song is a testament to the band’s ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with intricate musical arrangements.

The song’s narrative follows two individuals through an evening that begins with sharing fries outside McDonald’s and ends in a late-night spiral of self-doubt. The journey is punctuated by moments of liberation, such as when the protagonist muses that “the numbers on the digital clock meant nothing at all.” These glimpses of freedom are beautifully mirrored in the song’s instrumentation.

The divine sound of the vocals makes the music soothing, with slow beats that tell a story from start to end. The lover expresses the fantasy of her own heart, and the song unfolds somewhere under a bright and lovely sun, which is sometimes hot and radiant, just like true love. The song is a gleeful combination of a beautiful voice that complements the music, and music that uplifts the singer’s vocals. It’s like listening to a romantic comedy that goes wrong in between and becomes a tragic story instead. Songs have genres, and sometimes they closely relate to a story that plays in our minds.

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