Enchanting and colorful are my first impressions of Changing Lights, the latest single from indie pop duo Sea of Orchids. Inspired by the likes of Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, and Fleet Foxes, listeners can expect this New York/ UK-based band to deliver on a highly imaginative, creative, and hypnotic journey of masterful soundscapes. 

Changing Lights comes off of Sea of Orchid’s debut album DIVE, giving listeners a sampler of their unique blend of genres. A fusion of shoegaze, post-punk, synth pop and dream pop, this song is characterized by vibrant melodies and pulsating drums that give off a mysterious, otherworldly vibe. Sea of Orchids manages to pick apart their favorite characteristics from very sophisticated styles and infuse them to their own, crafting something that’s individually familiar, but completely fresh and unique on its own right. 

“We wanted to invite listeners on a journey where they could immerse themselves in the beauty and mystery of our music,” the band states. DIVE is the culmination of years of hard work in honing a craft and curating a distinct creative vision. Sea of Orchids offers us a look into their own sonic world and proves that they have what it takes to contribute to this rich world of genre-bending music. What’s more exciting is that they’re perfectly capable of expanding that world on their own.

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