Lucid is the latest single from Sasha Bayan, the sixth one they’ve released from their upcoming album ‘enough’ which is slated for March 2024. Bayan is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist and composer from the Bay Area. It’s almost unfair to categorize their music as it is an experience unto itself. Calling it indie rock with classic elements would be merely scratching the surface so we’d rather invite the listeners to take a plunge to Sasha Bayan’s intricate world.. 

Lucid presents itself in a transcendent-dream-like experience. It opens with fluttering synths and keys that harmonize with wonder. Bayan’s lyrics are highly imaginative, with a scope and imagery that reaches cosmic proportions. Through Lucid, Bayan crafts an intricate journey of soul-searching and discovery. The dream starts off as a gentle breeze of warmth until a sudden realization sinks in. Our narrator suddenly feels doubt as to whether or not the dream is real. Laid down in a warm bed of mind-bending instrumentation, Bayan manages to craft a dreamscape that’s like no other.

Sasha Bayan describes their latest album ‘enough’ as an  exploration of love, self-worth, grief, and acceptance. Lucid is but one of the many stops in that journey. Join us in excitement as we watch out for what’s next in this cosmic odyssey.

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