Motorbike Journey by Roman Angelos is led by a vibraphone melody and a competing trombone section. These two simple elements weave in and out perfectly in a call-and-response sequence, carrying the whole track and taking the listener through a journey of rolling hills, bustling cityscapes and countryside vistas. The journey starts off small, but the harmonies soon start to develop with each chapter, pitstop, or roadblock. It truly is a Motorbike Journey full of wonder and exploration. A soundtrack that could fit in any adventurous indie film where the stakes are low but still important, as the main character is still on their quest to find personal growth.

The world of Roman Angelos is filled with these explorations in sound. You’ll hear tight grooves and Brazilian percussion built around minimalist themes, using synths and woodwinds for that organic breezy vibe. This compositional style is consistent through his other work: the twin albums of “Music for Underwater” Supermarkets, and its remix “Supermarkets, Underwater”. Angelos’ sound is filled with intriguing explorations, always moving but never in a rush. Harmonies will hook you from the start, then go on various twists and turns while always ending in an interesting destination.

Hitch a ride with Roman Angelos right now and go on this wonderful Motorbike Journey.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
April 25 – Tacoma, WA – New Frontier
April 26 – Seattle, WA – Blue Moon
April 27 – Vashon Island, WA – Snapdragon
April 28 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Hideaway
May 1 – San Francsisco, CA – Hotel Utah
May 3 – Fresno, CA – Great Room
May 4 – Los Angelas, CA – Redwood Bar


Rich Bennett – Guitar

Brittany Anjou – Vibraphone

Ben Zwerin – Bass

Spencer Cohen – Drums

Dennis Boolyoins – Percussion

Rose Rutledge – Flute

Kai Sandoval – Trumpet

Nadav Niremberg – Trombone

Deidre Rodman-Struck – Piano/Synth solo on “Secret Officers Meeting”

All songs Rich Bennett

Produced by Shawn Lee

Mixed by Pierre Duplan and Shawn Lee at The Shop London

Mastered by Andrea De Bernardi

Cover art design by MJ Langthorne
Distribution – Music Factory Records
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