Fishing the River” is the latest single from Robbie Rapids & the Rapids, an Atlanta, GA based rock band who consider themselves the live cover band and original band of Robbie Rapids. This song might be the first in the genre I’d like to coin as “Fisherman Rock”–something along the lines of surf rock but even more laid-back and with an older demographic. 

Frontman Robbie Rapids assembled his bandmates to record a song which he wrote during his teenage years. It’s about him going out on a fishing adventure with his cousins in the Pere Marquette River in Baldwin, MI. Robbie fondly remembers his lack of skill at it. Regardless of catch, Fishing the River is a fun rock and roll tune with a lot of nostalgia about the past and the present. Our singer might not have been lucky that day but from the lively and bright riffs it seems like he had fun nonetheless. Added embellishments such as the jaw harp and the harmonica add a certain immersion, taking the listener to the backseat of the van as the rumbling surf guitar mimics the river’s currents. 

Fishing the River is a fun adventure packed neatly in a rock n’ roll tune. Relive memories or make more with this song as your road trip companion and check out more of Robbie Rapids & the Rapids. You just might get hooked!

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