RISE welcomes you with bright synths and bold riffs with their latest single Without You. This indie outfit from Liverpool has a distinctive style of rock that will surely stand out from the crowd. Vocal melodic hooks are the specialty here, driven by the intricately composed synths and guitars. These songs evoke a strong 80’s nostalgia, but defining them around that would be unfair as that doesn’t seem to be the main point. Their sonic palette is grounded in modern sensibilities, but the colorful synth expressions they so boldly incorporate in their sound along with the painfully honest lyrics mirrors an era of rock when bright flashing neon lights were in vogue. One thing is for sure, RISE is definitely carving their own place in rock and it’s as fresh as anything we’ve listened to lately.

Don’t be surprised if Without You tugged on your heartstrings on a deep level. It’s the first single off of the EP Memories and Possibilities, which the band dedicates to one of the band’s original co-founders, Steve Kinley. Steve’s untimely passing has left a huge void in the band and it clearly resonates through the whole EP but especially in this track. 

Without You is transparent and vulnerable, evoking imagery of loss and grief on a whole nother level. RISE has returned with passion and vigor, don’t miss out on this catchy 80’s train!

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