Classic rock outfit Rich Kid Express offers a profound reminder for everyone in their latest single “Find My Way Home”. The message is front and center–No matter where you are or whatever situation you might be in, whenever the chips are down, there is always that one place you can turn to find resolve, and that is Home. Be it friends or family, one should only go back to that place to reorient themselves in order to find the right path. 

RKE expresses this message through catchy riffs and familiar rock stylings, making it a song that’s easy for everyone to relate to. Think of the glam rock era–with bands like Kiss and Aerosmith–and you’ll find RKE’s sound fits in very perfectly. Embellishments like a groovy honky tonk and bright strings give the song a serene glow while the drums hammer the message with a carefree boldness. The song is also the perfect road trip companion for anyone cruising through the freeway, out from the bustling city and into their quiet little hometown.

Rich Kid Express also released a b-side for this single called “Moneyman”, which fully embraces the boogie-woogie classic rock aesthetic that feels like it came right out of a jukebox. Crack open a cold one and check out Rich Kid Express on your favorite digital platforms right now!

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