Swedish stoner/punk rockers Repeat continue their strong momentum with their latest single Not Enough. These highly-acclaimed newcomers burst into the scene last year with their self-titled debut album, making waves in the local and international scene. The band apparently still has fuel left in the tank as they returned to the studio immediately to record the extra material that they’ve more or less completed. They came out of the lab with nine extra songs in quick bursts, totalling only at eighteen minutes. That may seem too fleeting and ephemeral on paper but the pace that Repeat pushes in their songs and the impact they leave is not trivial at all. Each rapid-fire is full of poignant lyrics, riveting riffs and an energy that will leave listeners panting for more.

Not Enough is the first single off of the upcoming album Rat Race. Those who are trapped in the cycle of work-eat-sleep know this very well. The Rat Race that was passed on to us by the industrial age has left workers with not enough to go on as the late stage of capitalism arrived. What may have worked decades ago does not anymore, and now people are confused, displaced and living in despair.  No wonder Repeat has captivated listeners despite their recency in the scene, they have the courage and musical craftiness to paint their view of the world and it resonates well.

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