Filthy guitars and irresistible energy this is what you can expect from Swedish stoner rock band Repeat. They are relatively fresh at the scene but are already making waves and proving their highly-acclaimed debut album isn’t just a fluke with the upcoming follow-up Rat Race already proving to be quite remarkable. We already reviewed the first single “Not Enough” off of that album, which got us extremely hyped. Now we’re taking a look at the second single Man On the Moon, and boy are we thoroughly impressed. This song’s riffs are too filthy, guaranteed to spike up the listener’s adrenaline levels tenfold. 

‘Man on the moon’ is a play on words that describes someone feeling alienated. The song is from the perspective of someone exiled to their own satellite, being shunned by others and not having a place they can feel safe in. 

Repeat is composed of Torbjörn Hallberg on guitar and vocals, Johan Holmberg on drums and Mattias Belin on bass. Their songs have a relatively short fuse but come densely packed with aggression and raw passion. What’s most impressive is how they consistently manage to wield this propulsive power expertly. Not once did we feel them being reckless or out of control. It’s a true testament to their talent and something that makes us want to have them on Repeat. Join us as we keep an eye on further releases.

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