Realma presents an eclectic mix of synth-pop, rock orchestral, and video game music in their thrilling new single Down the Railway Spine. The Serbian/Chinese singer has always had a predilection for the familiar and the experimental, untethered by contemporary conventions and always open to new possibilities. Down the Railway Spine is another such exploration of her distinct and wondrous world. In it, Realma expresses personal struggle with PTSD, hence the hectic pace and nervous energy its narrator faces as they spiral into this Railway Spine.

Realma’s use of 7/8 raises the stakes even further, enabling the listener to empathize with the terror at hand. At times it sounds like a battle sequence or boss music from a video game, making it perfect for those late night binge sessions. Realma cites League of Legends and Hidden Citizen’s soundtracks as influences but with a unique experimental flair. Her unpredictable vocal cadence and layering as well as the variety of musical sounds arranged around it makes for an experience that can only be realized by such a special talent. With Down the Railway Spine, Realma continues to build and solidify her already rich sonic universe. Catch more of her unique songs in all streaming platforms and let them accompany you as you slay your virtual foes.

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