London-based three-piece band Real Teeth, composed of Joe Temple on vocals and guitar, Tim Astley on bass, and Max Wild on drums show how their humble beginnings at the University of Leicester have taken them above and beyond in terms of their musical journey as a group. Their latest single, “Wavering Stakes”, is a rock tune that addresses the hardships of adjusting with the awareness of new perspectives as time goes on. It is a shout into the abyss, hoping for a glimmer of light that might be able to help with this dilemma.

Starting off with slow and mellow ethereal harmonies, the track then introduces the guitar before methodically releasing the bass and drums from their time bound confines. The instrumental eases us into the track, with the introduction of Temple’s vocals taking us into the song’s journey of reflection. The tune intensifies at the quarter-mark with some outstanding riffs, before settling back into its verse’s levelled nature. Each chorus is characterised by the electric guitar strums with the aforementioned riffs coming after, giving it the edge that the track is building up to. Both the instruments and vocals intensify during the latter stages, and all we can say is that it’s just mind-blowing to listen to. These peaks before the track’s eventual release and end will simply leave you holding your breath.

This latest single of theirs shows just how much Real Teeth have grown as a band, and their ability to perfectly synergize with one another is something that only a few, including them, can pull off. Listen to “Wavering Stakes” on all streaming platforms now.

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