Radio Psychosis dishes out another insightful single with their latest release In This Country. The Rucorn, UK-based band carries a sound that harkens back to the greats of the synth-laden 80’s post-punk greats. In This Country mirrors the stark reality of their situation in the North-west of England, where jobs are hard to come by and people are finding it hard to make ends meet amid soaring rent prices. 

“In this country, only the wealthy will thrive. In this country, there’s a north and south divide”. Radio Psychosis hones in on the struggle on their side in the north, seemingly being left behind by the wealthy south as an afterthought. What’s even more saddening is that this single could have easily been entitled In This World and it would be just as resonant. Many places are feeling large economic hits nowadays and wealth inequality continues to balloon in size. 

Musically, the song is a complete package. The catchy intro riff and the rumbling bass line creates a dark yet dancy atmosphere. Synths and harmonies float around atmospherically, mirroring cries of despair. Emphatic and hypnotic, Radio Psychosis perfectly encapsulates their sentiment so well that it’s impossible not to hear the cries for help. Between this and their debut single ‘Television’, they have proven to be a powerful force in post-punk.

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