Tranquility and tension intertwine in Monochrome, is the latest single from Quiet, The Art. The band has been hitting their stride lately and gaining a steady following of listeners through their distinctive style and innovative sound. Pinning down Quiet, The Art’s sound is an exercise in futility, seeing as the Scottish duo of Chris and Mark doesn’t seem to be tied down to singular box or genre. Expect an open-ended, minimalist approach to music that’s focused on creating something beautiful and serene. 

As is the case with their latest single Monochrome, which starts with a soft hum of synths and emotive vocals. The lyrics are about a person struggling with their monochromatic emotions. This inner tension starts to swell gradually, forming a radiant mass. Soon the light escapes to hit a prism, creating a world that’s rich in color. The energy soars musically at the midpoint as the guitar and drums come in to challenge the previously calm soundscape. The song culminates in a climactic ending when a glorious blend of ambient riffs and rolling rhythms bursts out with victorious glee. 

What I appreciate about Quiet, The Art is how intentional their songs are. Each has their own distinctive character and Monochrome is no different. Check this single out along with all of their work on streaming platforms and be wonderfully surprised.

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