Purple Stone’s latest single, A Little Something blew me away on the first listen, and chances are it’ll do the same for you too. This song is an aural massage, perfect for my tight shoulders and racy thoughts. Purple Stone has mixed an atmospheric balm that may have extended my life span and slowed down my heart rate. The band consists of two members–Johan Hansson and David Skog, who both share their roots in the north of Sweden. They record together while being miles apart, which makes their wonderful offerings all that more impressive. Their love of guitars, analog synths and washed out reverb really shines through in this track as it had me wondering if my headphones suddenly upgraded in quality (no they didn’t, the song just sounded that good!).

A Little Something takes me to a tropical paradise at sunset, swimming in an infinity pool with a margarita at the bar. It takes me to a rainy retreat house on the mountains of rural Japan, a coffee in hand. The song is about these precious little moments, that little something that picks you up when you’re down. 

Don’t you just love it when a song harmonizes with your soul? Then Purple Stone should be a definitive addition to your playlist.

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