Anonymous Chicago-based artist PsiloMine Sun sends a therapeutic, psychedelic message to his listeners with his latest single, “Fall Back”. It is the first single from his upcoming album entitled “Instrumentality” and is an amazing introduction to the ethos of his music, inspired by the artist’s own life experiences. Composed and written by Alex Dzamtovski, “Fall Back” is a mellow ballad that exhibits warmth and healing.

The main instrument of the track is the guitar, with some subtle additions in the background that let the strumming of the guitar shine through yet contribute to the overall fullness of sound that the song achieves. PsiloMine Sun’s vocals are slow, calming, and utterly heartbreaking. Its dreamy, echoey nature really pushes through with the track’s ethereal vibe. It invokes feelings of loss, dealing with depression, and inner retrospection that will simply move you to tears through its notes and melodies. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, displaying Dzamtovski and the artist’s skill at conveying the message that they want to send out through this art form.

Overall, PsiloMine Sun is the perfect artist for when you need help moving on and recovering from something difficult in life, so don’t forget that you can always have a listen to his songs and “Fall Back”. Listen to it now on all streaming platforms.

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