Powers of the Monk is making a strong comeback with their latest single Switchin’ Rails. David s. Monk and CasSondra Powers started the band in Detroit, Michigan in 2006 and later released a 12-track electronic rock album called Killing Time. In 2009 they went on a hiatus that lasted for 10 years. The band started their return in 2020 with an EP and a demo, which led them to meet producer Dani Macchi. Their collaboration has continued since with the release of this new single. Switchin’ Rails solidifies Powers of the Monk’s return and their triumphant move to indie folk. 

Switchin’ Rails is immensely soothing, with a slow tempo and pleasant harmonies gliding through its 5 minute ride. POM uses trains and similar imagery as a recurring theme in their mythos. One could mirror it to the band’s return and switch in direction–revived and reflected in a new light. There’s also a remixed version that’s filled with more dreamy effects and tightened up to a compact 4 minutes. 

Powers of the Monk’s return is a treat to everyone. They’ve arrived with a new vigor and a refreshed sound that should be a treat to all indie folk enthusiasts. Catch them on your favorite streaming platform.

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