Detroit-based band Powers of the Monk takes you on an atmospheric journey with their newest single “Puffy Head”. With futuristic, sci-fi lyrical themes and a musical ensemble that’s simply ethereal. It’s their third single, and their mastery of fusing indie pop with indie folk is magnificently displayed with this latest release. It’s dreamy, it’s solid, and the harmonies are going to stick with you for weeks, maybe even months.

The song opens with harmonic vocals, with a subtle, background guitar riff that sets the mood right. Its various instrumental elements work together in a mesh of beauty and grace, with the band’s indie folk inspirations shining through. The lyrics are fun and dreamy, prominently featuring sci-fi futurism with mentions of spaceships and aliens. The soft, layered vocals are still clear and crisp, letting you take the masterful and catchy songwriting in with ease. The harmonies incorporated into the song are an amazing touch, and the little harmonic adlibs sprinkled in the song’s runtime are a delight to hear, like a nice cone of vanilla ice cream on a warm day. And that’s exactly what Powers of the Monk have done with this song: it feels like the perfect temperature, it’s just right.

If you want to go on an indie pop and folk fusion journey up into the stars, and you want your ears to be blessed with the band’s sound, then this song is definitely a good place to start. Stream “Puffy Head”, out on all streaming platforms now.

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