Podge Lane is an alt-country singer/songwriter hailing from Cork, Ireland. His latest single “Down” is an infectious and innovative twist on indie rock with an inspiring message of resilience. This single gives us a taste of his upcoming album and heralds his return to the UK on his ‘Sad but Tourable’ dates.  

Down is seriously catchy, borrowing from country and bluegrass with a down-to-the-roots rock and roll shuffle. Podge Lane is known for his honest and intimate storytelling and this song is no different. “Down’ is every comment, every criticism made by the people around you, and even by yourself, that makes you think you aren’t good enough,” Lane Explains. The inviting twang and the upbeat rhythm gives off a carefree and defiant vibe. Lane recounts how even when he’s able to recover from his failures, there are still people out there who will pull you down. What’s worse is when that biggest doubter is yourself. Despite this, Lane continues to saunter on with an infectiously positive attitude. 

Podge Lane’s strength lies in his unique blend of country, bluegrass, and rock along with his intimate storytelling. He embodies the best singer-songwriters of the past, carrying the torch and continuing a rich tradition while carving his own place in it.

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