Poland-based artist Paul O’Rely, known as his musical moniker Pjos, has released his latest dream pop single, titled “Atlas”. Characterised by its dreamy, ethereal quality, the artist’s music creates an otherworldly soundscape through his creations, which definitely transport you to a different plane of existence. Melancholic, cinematic influences resonate with his work, and can be seen with this newest release. It feels like a kaleidoscope of different colours leading you through a cold, dark and barren landscape, serving as your sherpa.

The song begins with ethereal harmonies, followed slowly by subtle guitar riffs before introducing its excitable yet consistent beats that set the stage for the ascension that you’re about to go through by listening to it. O’Rely’s vocals are distant, echoey, and overall dreamlike, as if he were telling you to follow his lead and discover something out-of-this-world. They take a rest to introduce the heavenly harmonies that follow, before showing the cinematic essence of the track through Pjos’ clever use of samples, which cap it off splendidly.

After all of it, you’re just left yearning to go back to that journey you went on. Good thing the ‘repeat’ button is a thing, because we guarantee that you’ll be listening to this for hours on end trying to unravel all of its layers. Explore a different world with Pjos’ latest single “Atlas”, out on all streaming platforms now. 

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