This review might be slow, but the song is fast! Like a busy bee flapping its wings toward a goal that seems unreachable, “Busy Bee” by Phat Problem depicts a person living a hectic life, seeking meaning in the pointlessness of existence.

The song starts with a grim laugh that transitions into a pounding drumbeat, instantly engaging the listener. A hardcore punk track, “Busy Bee” offers no respite from its relentless energy. Frankie, the vocalist, pours his heart and soul into the performance, perfectly complementing the relentless rhythm laid down by Oscar on drums, Blake on guitar and backing vocals, and Nick on bass and backing vocals. The song pulls you in, with each drumbeat and the muffled, sarcastic laughter serving as a constant reminder of life’s ceaseless demands. It maintains its intensity right up to the end, concluding while still in its prime hysteria.

One standout aspect of “Busy Bee” is its seamless transition between different musical styles within the same track. The reggae-infused middle section offers a brief respite before the band blasts back with an intense, seemingly 260 bpm hardcore punk section. This dynamic range showcases Phat Problem’s versatility and creativity, setting them apart in the punk scene.

“Busy Bee” by Phat Problem delivers a relentless hardcore punk experience, capturing the chaotic quest for meaning in a hectic life.

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