Pat Berlinquette takes the listener to a virtual past with his latest single Old New York. This song is sure to be a treat for those wanting that classic country / Americana sound. The song is inspired by Pat’s job in AdTech. His exposure to AI & Neuralink has made him imagine a future where people can go to a virtual place by simply thinking about it. I’d say that Pat has managed to achieve that through this song with no need of special tech, as it’s a vivid aural recreation of what may have been New York during the good old times.

Pat’s voice is immaculate, with an Elvis-like expressive croon and a vibrato that can make your grandparents stand tall again with nostalgia. The production behind him is equally amazing, with Kenny Siegal building the band that understood the assignment and delivered well. They’ve elevated Pat’s song into a believable, alternate-timeline, King of Rock and Roll smash hit. The lyrics are just as imaginative as the music, populated by sights and sounds brimming with wonder for this Alternate Big Apple. 

Pat Berlinquette’s discography is brilliant but Old New York is quite special. He wrote sixty-something songs as a dedication for his then sick mom. Now that she’s passed, the muse left but the songs remain. Old NY is one of those precious gifts and we’re all blessed to get the chance to listen to it.

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