Palmer releases two deeply personal songs about leaving their hometown in their dual-single Ghostown/Tennessee. This comes as the first of three dual-singles that is planned for their debut EP. Palmer is a three-piece band from Northwest Ohio with a strong focus on sharing songs deeply grounded in their reality. 

This comes across immediately in the first single “Ghostown”, which has an eerie restless feel. Set in West Kentucky, it follows the narrator as they move to Tennessee to find work as the factories have closed down in their hometown. He laments the death of this town, appreciating its inherent beauty but wondering why he has to uproot himself to earn a living. This one has a dark folk-country vibe that favors vivid lyrics and epic storytelling.

The second track Tennessee is more active, with bright keys and a relaxing groove. It’s about the long drive towards the Music City, detailing the thoughts and ruminations, along with the mood on the radio during that time. Both songs are deeply autobiographical, and this one should resonate with those who ventured into a new place in search of opportunity.

Palmer is still starting out on their journey as music artists, which makes Ghostown/Tennessee even more fitting as a reflection of this stage in their career. With storytelling chops like this,  there’s nothing but great things in store for this exciting new band.

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