If you’re looking for guitar-driven music that could blow away all your deeply-rooted expectations then Pacific Death’s latest single might be right up your alley. Surely, the title: The Art Of Stealing Tulips from a Devil’s Garden already evokes some narrative curiosity. Who the hell is stealing flowers from the Devil and why on earth are the hellspawn interested in cultivating such pretty flowers anyway? Strap in as this exciting instrumental is just as intriguing and convention-defying as the title suggests. 

Pacific Death summed up their philosophy in crafting music succinctly: ”I find it very exciting to explore what other people would never put in a song.” Indeed, these songs are something that can only be conjured by a singular mind. Pacific Death stitches together various genres to create a unique tapestry of color and textures. Musical sections can evolve from metal to theatrical to catchy nursery-rhyme-like playfulness before rumbling into an urgent splatter of riffs once more. Despite the chromatic chaos, there’s a thread that listeners can follow along in the journey. For this song, it’s the thief’s journey into the Devil’s Garden and the subsequent chase that ensues through several layers of what’s depicted as a very colorful hell. Dive into Pacific Death’s music right now and discover a vibrant world amongst the chaos. The Art of Stealing Tulips from a Devil’s Garden might just be the track to bring back wonder into your world.

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